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Nuclux dokin is a collection of useful applications featuring innovative apps like wallet, pmail, smartcontracts, decentralized storage and classic email on a sleek graphic User Interface. Dokin is the best solution for users looking to enjoy the benefits of blockchain technology in stress free way.

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Components of Nuclux Ecosystem

Virtual Private Network

Nuclux virtual network is composed of nodes distributed across the globe. Communication and packet routing between nodes is secured with end-to-end encryption .

Decentralized Cloud Storage

Nuclux is the world's first Blockchain cloud storage implementation. There is no physical datacenter to manage or protect. Distributed nodes offer storage as a service (SAS) on the platform.

Identity Management

Cryptographically signed assets are difficult to manipulate as opposed to password protected assets. Nuclux has a fully functional identity management service (IDM) which manages assets of participating nodes without revealing personal details of nodes.

Nux Token (Coin)

Nux Token is the primary object which grants access to all services and components of the entire ecosystem . It is a measure of economic value generated or exchanged among clients and users. Nuxcoin is loosely coupled to the underlying blockchains evading unnecesary price fluctuations.

Wallet & Token Manger

Nuclux contains a sophisticated wallet capable of managing different tokens , altcoins and crypto assets in general. Current wallet implementation supports ethereum and its derivatives (ERC20 tokens) . Users can store, transfer, track and save cryptoassets from an intuitive Graphic User Interface.

Decentralized Messaging (P-Mail)

Transmisson of messages, email and digital assets is achieved through cryptographic encryption coupled with transparent node addressing which enables nodes to communicate without worrying about physical and/or geographic parameters.

Compute Service

Nuclux offers the ability to virtualize whole hardware resources like CPU and processors converting a physical machine into a virtual cloud capable server. Nodes on the network are therefore abstracted from the physical machine.

Devtools & Smartcontracts

Smartcontracts can be developed, tested and debugged inside the Integrated development Environment (IDE) built inside the platform. Smartcontract developers and interested parties can quickly implement their ideas and deploy to testnet in a matter of minutes without downloading any other external tools.

Why use Nuclux?

Benefits and advantages of using Nuclux

Secure Ecosystem

Nuclux is the perfect solution for privacy and security conscious individuals, profesionals and organizations offering end-to-end encryption for data transmission. Advanced cryptographic algorithms protect all transactions occuring on the platform.


Nuclux works across different platforms including Windows , Linux, MacOS and mobile devices like Android and IOS.

Distributed & Decentralized

Nuclux ecosystem works on blockchain technology with no boundaries across political and geographical regions. Nuclux's network is architecturally decentralized without any single point of failure.

Robust & Resilient Ecosystem

The ecosystem is highly resilient to service disruptions and support high levels of flux with minimal adverse effects. Nuclux is essentially a smallworld ecosystem where service discover is relatively smooth and easy.

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Blockchain and the future

We foresee a future where humans, machines, devices and “things” will eventually have a single incorruptible source of truth.