We take our commitment to privacy extremely seriously and seek to deliver a very strong degree of privacy by ensuring that all data is protected by design in the


Privacy protections are embedded into the design and architecture of the entire Nuclux platform.


Approach to protecting data is proactive and preventative; aiming to anticipate and prevent events before they happen instead of waiting for privacy risks to materialise

Digital assets

Secure lifecycle management of data operate throughout the entire lifecycle of the a digital asset. This ensures that data is securely generated,transmitted and then securely destroyed at the end of its usefulness.


Respect for privacy is paramount at every stage of the design, development and delivery of Nuclux platform services.


Nuclux only needs the minimum amount of data needed to fulfll it's messaging and digital transmission service obligations.


Nuclux development process would be made available to relevant parties in addition to passing rigorous security audits . Also bug bounty programs would be used to discover and fx possible future faws.

Politically decentralized

Nuclux would never be under the control of any political entity it is a worldwide platform without political control and out of the reach of censorship entities.

Architecturally decentralized

No specifc monolithic infrastructure would be required to control Nuclux thus their would not be infrastructural failure. No single could undermine the network.

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