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Blockchain meets the Cloud

Digital data and internet traffic has grown rapidly over the past few years more than in the entire human history. The progression from Gigabyte to Zettabyte era could best be described as astronomical. As more devices get connected to internet through IoT data explosion would eventually outpace the capacity of existing data management organisations simply because monolithic datacenters cannot be constructed at equal speed as growth in data.

On the otherhand securing such large volumes of data has proved disastrous and hackers have siezed the oportunity to steal sensitive user data. Monolithic datacenters have proved to be resource consuming , highly unstable and impossible to maintain and secure. A single outage could potentially shutdown operations of millions of businesses and organisations as well as providing easy targets for hackers.

The urgent need to provision adequate data storage and secure its transmission has lead to a complete rethink of data management employing novel technologies like the blockchain.

Nuclux is a an innovative eco-friendly system of micromanaging and sharing data based on decentralization and the distributed nature of blockchain.

The figure below depicts the major difference between traditional and distributed cloud storage.

Traditional       vs       Blockchain


Cloud meets Blockchain

Nuclux is a true cloud implementation built on Blockchain technology. Monolithic datacenters are not part of the ecosystem making it easy to scale horizontally. Nuclux is designed to be decentralized, distributed, multiplexing, serverless, fault-tolerant, and secure. A natural disaster like flooding or earthquake could wipe out a typical datacenter but would have minimal effects on decentralized ecosystem. It would take a worldwide catastrophe like a comet hitting the planet to wipe-out a global computing platform like Nuclux.


Nuclux is the future of data sharing, storage and messaging applying the principles of shared economy model to build a decentralized computing platform.

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