Roadmap starting from bottom up.


Presale Live

Nux token Presale will soon be announced Public participation will give potential investors an opportunity to form part of the next technology revolution.

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Presale 2018

Pilot program

Improved versions of the POC released for public testing featuring wallet , p-mail, e-mail,data storage and sharing, smartcontracts devtools and inbuilt support.

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Nux Token 2018

Proof-of-concept (POC)

A proof-of-concept was designed and consequently lead to "low key" funding seed-round by Venture captalists to support the development team in reaching the next goal.

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POC 2017


The rapid growth of blockchain technology and the potential to innovate gave birth to Nuclux. Extensive research was made to acertain the viabilty, utility and marketability of a blockchain technology platform .

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Vision 2016