A Decentralized Blockchain Technology Platform

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This paper describes Nuclux : a distributed and decentralized cloud computing, data storage and networked operating system implementation based on Blockchain.

A networked operating system controls and coordinates the mapping of distributed applications to networked collections of hardware and infrastructure , we examine an operating system architecture for networked infrastructure based on a lease abstraction, which restricts guest resource use to well-defined, finite lengths of time. A data center is a collection of hardware components under the control of a single sphere of authority located in the same room or building on the contrary system for sharing networked resources is inherently distributed.

Current cloud storage platforms are typically composed of a few privately owned resource intensive datacenters which are difficult; if not impossible; to secure and maintain. These datacenters are located where cheap and dirty coal-powered electricity is abundant thereby contributing to greenhouse emission that harm the environment . Just a single compromised datacenter could wipe out millions of businesses across different sectors and countries around the globe and also the global market is tied up in the hands of a few individuals effectively restricting newer entrants from participating in the sector.

On the contrary the implementation of Nuclux is decentralized, distributed, highly resilient, dynamic and easy to scale. The barrier to entry is basically low and nodes can be added or removed without significant service disruptions. This model favors fast economic growth and an overall positive impact across economies and countries all around the globe.

Inside the Nuclux global virtual private network security and integrity of digital assets are preserved through Symmetric Data Encryption (SDE), Enveloped Public Key Encryption (EPKE), Transport Layer Security (TLS) and Time Stamping Protocols like the Blockchain protocol.

Resource owners contribute computing power, bandwith and storage to the network in exchange for NuxCoin at prices determined by consensus and market algorithms like game theory. Ethereum being a Turing-complete platform was chosen as the abstraction layer on which cryptocurrency (Nuxcoin) were implemented.